Ein schönes Beispiel für gefilterter Information der dt. MSM. Politico USA: Ukraine is heading for defeat. Kein hiesiger Hinweis darauf...

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Ukraine is heading for defeat

...Morale among troops is grim, ground down by relentless bombardment, a lack of advanced weapons, and losses on the battlefield. In cities hundreds of miles away from the front, the crowds of young men who lined up to join the army in the war’s early months have disappeared. Nowadays, eligible would-be recruits dodge the draft and spend their afternoons in nightclubs instead. Many have left the country altogether.


Natürlich wurde der Artikel von RT genüsslich zitiert. In deutschen Medien gilt: Es kann nicht sein, was nicht sein darf.

“And crawling on the planet's face,
some insects called the human race.
Lost in time, and lost in space.
And meaning.”

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