Falls sich jemand ueber die Rally in den naechsten Monaten wundert: Volcker-Rule wird abgeschafft

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1) Banken duerfen wieder selbst zocken
2) Sie duerfen dabei auch mit den Guthaben ihrer Kunden zocken

The Volcker Rule is part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which was passed in an attempt to prevent another financial crisis caused in part by irresponsible risk-taking at banks. The Volcker Rule was designed to prevent banks from acting like hedge funds. The general principle is that they are allowed to facilitate trades for clients, but not allowed to strap on risk for big proprietary bets.

But the rule, named for its proponent, the late Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, also barred banks from making potentially speculative investments using customers’ FDIC-insured deposits. That included venture capital funds, although lawmakers have said the VC industry may have been unfairly grouped with hedge funds and private equity.


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